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Bollywood and Fashion: Here are the Top 5 Clothing Lines Founded by the Bollywood Stars.

Bollywood and Fashion: Here are the Top 5 Clothing Lines Founded by the Bollywood Stars.


When it comes to fashion, nothing more than Bollywood can affect the taste of Indians. Bollywood has been known for the stars, and their owns styles but apart from styles and trends, what else Bollywood is known for? Yeah, you guessed it right, it's business. Many famous and also not so famous Bollywood stars have made their step towards successful companies. Especially in the field of clothing our stars have leveraged their influence over the public and have let their followers style up just like them.

You must have seen it may Bollywood celebrities promoting brands over advertisements, but not all the stars own the brands, some are just the brand ambassadors but also, on the contrary, some hold the brands. As the influence of Bollywood stars affects the choices of the public, many brands make use of power. Some either get them as brand ambassadors and some also get them permanently associated with their brands.

Are you also a fan of any Bollywood stars? Check out this post and explore if your favourite has any brand.

In this post, I will share top 5 Bollywood Celebrities and their Brands. Stay tuned to know more.

Deepika Padukone


The xXx actress Deepika Padukone has become one of the leading actresses in Bollywood today in just a few years. This long-legged actress is well known for her sense of style and because her influence over a huge fan base, she recently started her clothing line “All About You”. The brand only deals with women clothing, sorry for all the men. If love Deepika and her style, you need to check her brand. From western designer clothes to typical Indian attires, All About You has got it all. If you wish to get your favourite from the collection, you can find the whole collection exclusively on Myntra. In case you think that it can be too costly, don't panic because it's all affordable.

As Deepika has a huge fan base, the brand is also doing quite great till now. The brand also comes up with some sale of value offers, time to time. Just visit Myntra and stay updated about the upcoming auctions, I bet you’ll get something worthy at an affordable price.

Salman Khan

The most famous Indian male actor, Salman Khan is not just an actor anymore but also owns a very renowned non-profit “Being Human”. The bhai of Bollywood is well known for his social services and the brand Being Human is one of his most significant step taken till now for social services. You must have noticed bhai wearing T-Shirts with the label Being Human, that's what you might also be wishing for. Whether you're a man or woman, Being Human has a massive collection for both of you. From cool t-shirts to quirky jeans, it sells it all.

Being Human’s first store was launched in France, and now it has also acquired Europe and Asia, and till now it has over 300 Retail Stores and seven online selling stores.

As a considerable part of the total price goes onto charity, buying from Being Human is very good. Find your nearest store or just go online, find your style and help someone.

Sonam Kapoor


Getting a style like Sonam is not that easy if done alone but what if you get a chance to do so?

Sonam Kapoor is widely known for her awesome fashion sense and trendy clothes. With her sister who is a professional stylist Rhea Kapoor who is also amazingly stylish, she started a brand “Rheson” in collaboration with Shoppers Stop. The range includes both everyday styles and occasional wears. The brand doesn't only include clothes but also accessories. So, if you are also in love with her apparels, Rehson is the exact brand that you need to try.  

Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik Roshan is named as one of the sexiest men in the whole world, and so is his style.

Started in 2012, Hrithik's brand HRX is well known for its sporty spirit and comfortable styles. The brand initially also had Tiger Shroff associated, but it was just for a short term.

The brand is most famous among the people related to the field of health and fitness. It includes apparels for both men and women. If you're in search of some sportswear and need it to be both trendy and comfortable, HRX is the brand ready to serve all your needs. Visit Myntra and get the piece that suits both your needs and style.

Shahid Kapoor


Shahid is just not famous for his acting and dancing skills, but apparently, he has got much more to show off. Let's see what his brand Skult is known for.

Shahid Kapoor's brand Skult is the mix of both Shahid and Cult. The brand is owned by Shahid Kapoor in association with Aditya Birla Group, found on 18th October 2016 with the online store The clothing line represents both energy and style at the same time. The clothes are just for men till now. You can find a wide range of clothes, from quirky T-shirts to trendy jeans and most importantly at an affordable price.


These stars are known for their acting skills but are their brands worth trying?

Most of the people either buy clothes for their needs or just as a hobby and in both cases, they look out for brands that provide affordable fashion. But we are living in an era when both style and comfort is important. You need to find a brand that serves both your needs and of course at an affordable price. These Bollywood stars and their brands’ acclaim that they have covered it all for their buyers. And the only way to know the fact is to try one by one.

Do try them and also let me know if any of them has come up with your expectations or highly disappointed you.