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Is your Dating Life Successful? Here are Top 5 Mistakes that you might be Making Unknowingly

Is your Dating Life Successful? Here are Top 5 Mistakes that you might be Making Unknowingly


“Your first impression is your last impression.”

Whosoever has said it must have learned it from his dating experiences. Be it a teenager or a millennial, first dates excites both of them but what also comes in handy is fear of getting rejected. But differentiates successful date nights from the unsuccessful ones? None can read the minds of women, but there are certain things a woman notices when she dates someone.

Especially after the launch of apps like Tinder, finding a date has become quite easy, but that doesn't guarantee that the person will consider you after the first date. You are on your own.

Your first date is your first step towards a successful relationship, and you need to impress your companion to continue this relationship chain. But not buying a dress for her or booking a table for two in a posh restaurant is all, you also need to work upon yourself. And working on yourself is not just about getting too much dressed, it's more about how you behave.

Though there are plenty of tips regarding what to do over date nights on Google only a few articles are about what not do, and just a few are worth reading. In this article, I will be sharing about Top 5 Mistakes that you might be Making Unknowingly on your date nights.

Top 5 Dating Mistakes that you Might be Making Unknowingly-

Just Talking About I, Me and Myself


You might have accomplished something significant in your life like graduating from an Ivy League or working for you're own million dollars venture but just enlisting your accomplishments can look very mean. On date nights, women like to be pampered or talked about and if you talk about yourself or your family and friends or anything that is only related to you is not a good move.

Giving a brief introduction about yourself is a necessary part but so is asking about your companion’s life and indulging yourself into it. So, here’s the deal talk a little about yourself, ask her about her life, try to correlate and see the results. If you don't know what else to tell, try complimenting her, good complements always enlight women.

Checking out your Phone All the Time

Our life is busy, we all keep on getting notifications and messages all the time, thanks to all the social media platforms out there but when you're on a date, you need to keep your mobile off for some time. Girls like to have all the attention towards themselves, especially if it's the first date. Checking out your phone all the time can make them think that you’re not interested in spending time with them.

Give your phone some rest and make your counterpart believe that you’re interested in hearing them. Whether it's about her cat-related stuff or her bossy sister, you need to listen to everything. If you keep on checking out your phone all the time, chances are you are never going to meet her again.

Planning your Date


When a woman is ready to go out with you on a date, she wants it to be extra special and so should be the entire plan. If you get out with her and ask her what to do next, it can be a serious turn off for her. You need to plan something to keep her interested in the date so that she could hold on the interest for the next dates as well.

Think about all the stuff that she has told you, try to understand her interests and then come out with something that could make her happy. When she finds that you listened to her and had noticed every gesture of her, she will start trusting you and also will begin indulging herself more in the conversations.

Talking Too Much About Your Exes

Talking about exes is an all-time famous chat topic, and it comes naturally when you're on a date. Everyone talks about what kind of people have they dated in the past and also why did they break up, etc. A little conversation is excellent but talking about that all the time can show that you’re still interested in them.

Don't get started with what your ex-liked and what not or what was her cutest move, etc. Cut out the past part and try to focus on the future who is sitting in front of you. I am quite sure that you must have many other things to talk about. Trust me she is more interested in talking about the present than talking about your past.

Let Me Pay

You must have seen many Bollywood movies which claim that women hate pay but that is not true for all the women. It's the 21sth century where women are independent and can take care of themselves, and when it comes to spending, she doesn't give a damn to it. Most of the women like to stay independent and so to make an issue about paying the bill is not compulsory. Some women love to pay for themselves as well as their companions. Asking to pay is a good courtesy, but fighting over that is not

Let her pay if it matters a lot to her and trust me it won't affect your manhood. Or else she might think that you don't like independent women and that's what a woman hates the most. If it happens, consider your relationship over with her.


Date nights are fantastic and often leads to some successful relationships. And if like someone, you need to be very cautious because a single wrong move can destroy your whole impression.

Just be cool in your skin, try to make your companion happy, don't annoy them and most importantly never try to fake yourselves because after this may end up with losing both your companion as well as yourself. And once you win over all your negative points, you’ll impress any girl from the first date only.